Sustainability Categories

These categories are focused on the increased focus on sustainability across the packaging supply chain – from pack design through to end-of-life. Entrants must be companies registered in the UK, with either a UK or overseas ownership. To enter you must complete the online entry form which will involve submitting a short summary for the year under review (on or after 1 May 2019). Details of what to include in your summary can be found in the category description for each award. Please note, should you wish to go over the word count for a specific question, you will have the opportunity to upload a supporting word document when you come to the end of the questions.

If you have any questions regarding your entry, please contact Katie Theofanous, 020 8253 8392,

CSR Initiative of the Year

The CSR initiative awards environmental initiative abound in packaging, from small-scale projects such as encouraging recycling at work or local education initiatives to major schemes such as remodelling of logistics to reduce lorry journeys.

This category is now closed

Design Team of the Year

We’re on the lookout for a design team that fully understands how designing for a circular economy will benefit the challenges facing the UK.

This category is now closed

Resource Efficient Pack of the Year

This category will reward the pack that shows the best social and environmental credentials.

This category is now closed

Reusable Pack of the Year

This award will recognise the latest innovations in reusable packaging – an area that has come under increased scrutiny as a result of the single-use debate.

This category is now closed

Sustainable Retailer of the Year

This new award for 2020 recognises the work of a retailer that has made huge strides in their sustainability programme over the period assessed.

This category is now closed