Shortlist 2018

Aerosol Pack of the Year

To be announced on the night

Best New Concept

AgriRAP - RAP (Rapid Action Packaging Ltd)

Ball Metalic Sample Can - Ball Corporation

Ball Eyeris® Fox Sample Can - Ball Corporation

Freshpack Plus Lite - RAP (Rapid Action Packaging Ltd)

Kolibri Drinks- Beatson Clark

Plastic Free Pouch - FFP Packaging Solutions

Plastic-Free Sandwich Skillet - Coveris

RecyclaPEel™  Sandwich Skillet - Coveris

Retain/Return - Euro Packaging

X-EnviroPouch - RPC bpi protec

Best Packaging of a New Product

Chapel Down - Allied Glass Containers
Devils Head Miniature - Stölzle Flaconnage Ltd
Diet Chef Frozen Hamper - Diet Chef Ltd
Echo Falls Vodka - Ardagh Group
Lone Wolf - Allied Glass Containers
Nestlé L’Atelier Sleeve - Graphic Packaging International
Sainsbury’s Supper Club Lasagne - Graphic Packaging International
SIPP Coffee - Parkside Flexibles (UK & Asia) Ltd.
Smeatons Gin - Allied Glass Containers
Stove Trundler - Smurfit Kappa

Branding Project of the Year

Diet Chef Frozen Meal - Diet Chef Ltd
Doctor Seaweed's Weed & Wonderful - Family (and friends)
Fortnum & Mason Choccolossus Biscuits - Williams Murray Hamm
Kolibri Drinks - Kolibri Drinks
Liberte Black Spiced Rum - R Design
New SRP Range for Higgidy Pies - Smurfit Kappa
Ruth Mastenbroek Fragrances - Williams Murray Hamm
Theatre Pack - SAICA Thatcham
Toms Tea's - Children'ds fruit teas range - Qualvis Print & Packaging 
 Wood Brothers Distilled - Pencil Studio

Cartonboard Pack of the Year

Booths Tortilla Wrap Puracoat Pack - The Sherwood Group 
Jo Loves Body Spray - Curtis Print & Packaging
KitKat Senses - AR Packaging
Meal Deal Tiffin Box - Euro Packaging
Modified Atmosphere (MA) Food Tray - RAP (Rapid Action Packaging Ltd)
Nescafe Gold - Multi Packaging Solutions
QubeTM flate folding tube pack for Asda Extra Special Fudge and Truffles - Qualvis
Simply Cook Meal Kit - Alexir Packaging
Sony / Raspberry Pi. - DS Smith
Zest - Sandwich pack range - Colpac Ltd

Consumer Convenience Award

Amazing Chocolate Workshop Transit Pack - DS Smith Packaging, Launceston
Brenntag Adblue bottle and dispenser - RPC Group
Charlie Bears Postal Pack  - DS Smith Packaging, Launceston
Letterbox-friendly wine bottle  - Delivering Happiness Ltd T/A Garçon Wines
Maldon Salt 250g & 125g easy open pack - Qualvis
Nurofen Fever Smart Temperature Monitor - RB
Sainsburys Oven Cook Doy Bag - FFP Packaging Solutions
Secure Flip Sports Closure - RPC Group
The Amazing Chocolate Workshop Teapot Pack - DS Smith Packaging, Launceston
Westland Even-Flo Container - RPC Group

Contract Packer of the Year

Glowcroft Ltd
Granby Marketing Services
Steller Packing Limited

Corrugated: Online Retail and Consumer Goods

Beer Hawk - Christmas Range - Boxes and Packaging
Blaze Wear - Macfarlane Packaging
Festifalls - Echo  Falls Dual Bag in Box - Smurfit Kappa
Freddie's Flowers - Extended U - Pack - SAICA Pack Thrapston
Gin & Tonkin Gift/ Presentation Box - BoxMart Ltd
Little Babi Box - BoxMart Ltd
Online Stove Shipper - Smurfit Kappa
Softbox Aeon - Boxes and Packaging 
Theatre Pack - SAICA Thatcham
Thomas Dakin Single Bottle Gift Box - BoxMart Ltd
XPO Azko Nobel Dulux Tester Pack - Woodway UK

Corrugated: Retail Ready and Point of Sale

Cacklbean Quail Egg Box - SAICA Pack Oxford
Great British Barber Cantilever Toolbox - BoxMart Ltd
Integrated Puller System - Mondelez International
Jurassic World Pizza Box - SAICA Pack Thatcham
Quaker Oats - Smurfit Kappa Display UK
Sam's Club Export Pack - DS Smith Packaging Louth 
Stoats Shelf Facer SRP – Self facing SRP for porridge oat bars - Smurfitt Kappa
The Amazing Chocolate Workshop Teapot Pack - DS Smith Packaging, Launceston
Theatre Pack - SAICA Pack Thatcham
Walkers Max Strong - Smurfit Kappa Display UK

CSR Initiative of the Year

Ardagh Group
Iceland Foods

Design Team of the Year

Allied Glass Containers
EP Design House

Development Team of the Year

Accolade Wines

Flexible Plastic Pack of the Year

Avocado UV and MAP Technology - Coveris
BioFlexTM (Bioplastic) eCommerce Polybag - Avery Dennison RBIS
Bulk Quad Bag for Rice - Clifton Packaging Group Ltd
Duralite™ FCP - Coveris
Kid's Ink - Ultimate Digital
No More Waste - Clifton Packaging Group Ltd
Q-Tex film - Terinex
Sainsburys Oven Cook Doy Bag - FFP Packaging Solutions
Tesco Just Cook Dual Compartment Pouch - Clifton Packaging Ltd

Glass Pack of the Year: Other drinks, food and other glass products

235ml M&S Dressing - Beatson Clark
Kolibri Drinks - Beatson Clark
Williams Bros - O-I
St. Austell Tribute Cornish Pale Ale Bottle 500ml - Ardagh Group

Glass Pack of the Year: Spirits, perfume and cosmetics

Berkeley Square London Dry Gin - Stölzle Flaconnage Ltd
Chapel Down Spirits - Allied Glass Containers
Echo Falls Vodka by Accolade Wines - Confidential - Ardagh Group
Gordon & MacPhail Discovery edition - Allied Glass Containers
Manchester Gin - Allied Glass Containers
McQueen Premium Dry Gin - Stölzle Flaconnage Ltd
Whyte & Mackay’s Isle of Jura – Confidential - Ardagh Group

Innovation of the Year

Avocado UV and MAP Technology - Coveris 
Debenhams Musical Working Snow Globe biscuit tin - Silver Crane
Great British Barber Cantilever Toolbox - BoxMart Ltd
Innovative, flat wine bottle - Delivering Happiness Ltd T/A Garçon Wines
Kellogg's Advent Calendar Sleeve - Graphic Packaging International
Kid's Ink - Ultimate Digital
Qube™ flat folding tube pack for Asda Extra Special Fudge & Truffles - Qualvis Print & Packaging 
Tesco just cook dual compartment pouch - Clifton Packaging Group Ltd
Utroque labels on both sides of a single release liner - Source Labels
Wallaroo Snacks. Accredited Home Compostable Packaging - Parkside Flexibles Ltd.

Investment Project of the Year

Bag line for stand up pouches - FFP Packaging Solutions
Clifton Packaging Group Ltd 
Gnaw Chocolate
John Cotton Group (Nonwovens Division)
Rigid Containers Ltd
SAICA Thatcham

Label of the Year

Eryri Snowdonia Gin - The Label Makers
Fallen Acorn Session Range - Coveris
Gosnells - February
Henstones Gin - Mercian Labels Ltd
Members’ Choice Pioneer Pinot Grigio - Equator Design
Red Genie - Garage Creative Ltd
Stormy Cape Wines - Coveris
Tanqueray Flor de Sevilla - Multi-Color Corporation
The Pass - Reflex Labels
Twickenham Fine Ales - Starry Night - Coveris

Limited Edition of the Year

Brian Eno: Music For Installations - MPS Blueprint
Cadbury's Peter Rabbit Easter Egg Premium - Mondelez International
Fantasma  - Ball Beverage Packaging Europe
Folklore Gin - Allied Glass Containers
Highland Park 17 Year Old- Dark - Stölzle Flaconnage Ltd
Johnnie Walker Blade Runner - Directors Cut - Stölzle Glass Group
London Pride - Ball Beverage Packaging Europe 
M&S Royal Baby Tin 2018 - Burton's Biscuits
Midleton Very Irish Whiskey - Allied Glass Containers
Novelty Ring Bun Box - Euro Packaging

Metal Pack of the Year

FACT organic flavoured sparkling water - Crown Packaging
Favorina Scottish Shortbread - CROWN Aerosols & Promotional Packaging
Garcia de la Cruz - Extra virgin Olive Oil - Huber Packaging Limited
Selfridge's Luxury Tea Set - P. Wilkinson Containers & William Say
Switchle - Pemberton & Whitefoord LLP
TRUE GRACE WALLED GARDEN CANDLE TIN - Roberts Metal Packaging Ltd and Ashfield Extrusion
Warner Edwards  - Sure-Can Ltd

Outstanding Contribution to the Industry

To be announced on the night

Packaging Company

To be announced on the night

Resource Efficient Pack of the Year

Alara Cereals. Home Compostable Inner Liner. - Parkside Flexibles (Uk & Asia) Ltd.
Earthpouch - Sirane Ltd
Garçon Wines’ rPET Flat Profile Wine Bottle - RPC M&H PLASTICS
Tesco Just Cook Dual Compartment Pouch - Clifton Packaging Group Ltd
The One Touch CAP Squeeze Pouch - Clifton Packaging Group Ltd
TrakRap Milk Pack - TrakRap
TS6 trigger sprayer platform - Reckitt Benckiser
Wallaroo - Parkside Flexibles (UK & Asia) Ltd. 
Westland Even-Flo Container - RPC Group
XPO Azko Nobel Dulux Tester Pack - Woodway UK

Rigid Plastic Pack of the Year

City Kitchen Ramen Bowl - Robinson Plastic Packaging
Nando's Houmous and Peri-Peri Drizzle - RPC Group
Recostacker - Nexus Packaging Limited
Saxa Seasoning Pot - Alexir Partnership
SharpLow - Sharpak
TS6 trigger sprayer platform - Reckitt Benckiser
Westland Even-Flo Container  - RPC Group

Rising Star Award

To be announced on the night

SME of the Year

Atlas Packaging Ltd 
Charpak Ltd
Clifton Packaging Group Ltd
Curtis Print & Packaging

Supply Chain Solution of the Year

Charlie Bears Postal Pack  - DS Smith Packaging, Launceston
Mailing Box + Insert - Smurfit Kappa
Paxlock - Smurfit Kappa
Pitufo - Smurfit Kappa
Plastic Circuits Pack - Smurfit Kappa
Project McLaren – Exhibition Package - Macfarlane Packaging
Salcombe Distillery 6 Bottle Transit Pack - DS Smith Packaging, Launceston
Sam's Club Export Pack - DS Smith Packaging Louth
Softbox Aeon - Boxes and Packaging
Tailgate Pack - DS Smith